Monday, August 3, 2009

King and Caples visit---just a little belated

I've been meaning to do a blog on the rest of our visit with Zak and Macy and just haven't done it yet. I wanted to do it still though, because I am using this blog as a sort of journal of our lives. We really did have a great time while Zak and Macy were here. We went to one of the Broken Arrow pools one day, played at a park another day, went to the Tulsa zoo and once Cherie, Kately and Jonathan arrived Friday we went to Chuck E Cheese's for some more fun! I've picked out a few of my favorite pictures from the week below. Bare with's more than a few! =)

Macy & Bella at the Broken Arrow pool
Zak & Tag at the BA pool
Macy & Tag at our pool
Playing at the park

At the zoo
At the petting zoo in the Tulsa zoo

Love this one!
Smile was really hot & she didn't feel like smilin!

We all thought this little monkey was the cutest thing! He was so little!
Climbing the rock at the zoo
This jump of Tag made hurt his foot and he's still limping on it over a week later. But I think it was better today.
Pretty Macy
Neat penguin at the penguin exhibit
Beautiful girls...and boys will be boys!
My sister Cherie with Kate and Bella Rose

Bella & her "boyfriend" at Chuck E Cheese's-this cracked me and Kate up!
She's looking at Kate here...Bella was pretty much Kate's shadow while she was here.
Beautiful Kate!

Jonathan is such a cutie and the kids adore him too!


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