Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random pictures

I haven't had much to post about these past several days! So I'll just update a little on the kids and school. They are really loving school. Bella still has some trouble getting dropped off in the mornings, but I have to understand that this is her first time away from home for so long and it'll just take time. She really does enjoy herself once she's there though! She loves singing and comes home with a new song just about every day! And yesterday her teacher told me that she is the most well-behaved in the class! She told me to really praise her because she is always the first child to sit quietly each day on the rug and be ready to listen. And Miss Bella is so proud of herself at the end of each day because she is racking up in prizes (candy-Bella's one true love!) from her teacher for her good behavior! Tag said he took a one on one test with his teacher yesterday and he answered every single question correctly! He was proud, and so were we! I'm assuming it was some sort of assessment test. He went to pre-k for about 4 months in West Monroe when he was 4 years old at Lisa Robinson's. She is a former teacher who now does pre-k at her home using the ABEKA program, and she is just amazing! She has this incredible ability to teach kids. I'm still in awe that she was able to get Tag to reading in that little bit of time! Anyway, I can't say enough good things about her, and really had wished Bella would be able to go to pre-k at Mrs. Lisa's as well. But, I know she is getting a great foundation here with Jefferson's pre-k program as well.

Here are a few more pictures I've taken of the kids before school. :)

This hairdo was a special request from Bella one morning. She saw a girl at the pool with 3 ponytails and she wanted to do hers this way! She ended up taking them all down while waiting to go in school. I think it made her more nervous to be trying out a new "do" when she was already nervous about leaving mom and dad for the day. :(
Front view of the 3 ponytail hairdo! :)
Poor Tag has so many shirts with the #45 on it! If we see one, we almost always snatch it up! Gotta keep the infamous Banks boys' number going!!
I love our patio at our apartment, it's got a nice little courtyard area down below where the kids can play and it's just a nice place to sit out and look over. I had been wanting to have some flowers out there, though, to cozy it up some and when mom was in town she helped me get set up with some. It's not much, but you don't realize how happy it makes you to look out and see pretty flowers! Just looks so much more homey. I can't wait to have a HOUSE where I can have flower beds, but for now, this makes me plenty happy to look out and see!
I laugh at myself because I'm always moving those 2 pots on the floor around to follow the sun! You can see in these pics I had moved them over to the front in full "view" of the sun.
I love these pink flowers in the center. Mom told me my brother told her the name of them because he has some planted at his house, but now I can't remember the name. I just call them my little pink "Dr. Seuss trees".
Pretty daisy

Ok, so the flowers weren't that interesting to look at compared to most people's flower beds and landscaping at their houses, but they are surely making me smile when I see them! It's the little things...... =)

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