Saturday, August 15, 2009

1st Day of School

As of Wednesday, August 12, 2009, the Banks kids are officially school kids! It was such a bittersweet moment! The first big step in their independence from mom and dad! As much as we'd love to huddle them up and keep them home with us forever...obviously, we know we can't. ;) And I cannot wait to see them grow up and see what God has in store for each of their lives. Ever since they were born, I remember looking at their sweet little, chubby hands and wondering what God would have those hands do one day! No matter what it is, we will be proud of them and support and love them so! I can't wait to watch every step of their precious lives!

Here is Bella Rose on the first day of school!

Tag wasn't that much into picture taking that morning, but I did manage to get a few! It's a reality shock for me to look at this picture in particular, they both look like "big kids"!

Showing off their backpacks! I think this was the most exciting thing for them about starting school, getting to get a "real" backpack! Kids are so sweet and innocent!

Daddy and Bella heading up to school, school supplies in tow!

This (blurry) pic is of the outer room of the kindergarten "pod", as they call it. This room leads into the kindergarten rooms behind. You can see one of the many Thomas Jefferson quotes painted on the wall.

We took Tag to his room first. We figured if either of them had a hard time being left it would be Bella Rose. We were just a tad bit wrong on that thought tho, but he still did really well! Here Tag is looking for his locker! Having their own locker is another exciting thing for the kids!

Tag's own locker! =)

Tag and Mrs. Newburn

This is just as we were saying goodbye. He was a little unsure and just a little teary-eyed. But I am so proud of him! I would be so scared to go to a brand new school in a brand new city and he fought back his tears! He told me after school that he wanted to cry, but made himself stop! What a big little guy! And he has no idea how helpful that was for mom and dad to leave him!
Next was Bella's turn! I can't explain the nervous and upset stomach I had all morning, but it grew when going to leave her. I just didn't know what to expect with her when we were leaving her. But, she went right in, found her locker and was just ready to get started on her big girl day! Here is her and daddy putting her backpack in her own locker.

She was too excited to have any nervous feelings!

She sat right down in her spot and got busy coloring! Whew...such a relief! I left her room without a single tear in my eyes!

Getting a kiss from her daddy. Ok, this maybe made me a bit teary. He's the most amazing dad!

Mommy and her big girl!

We didn't get to take pictures like this with Tag because we could tell he was close to being upset. We thought it best to just make a quick exit with short goodbyes with him and get on our way.
I think that was the longest 6 and a half hours, and I'd love to know how many times I checked the clock worrying I was going to be late to pick them up! Thankfully, my friend Donna was in town this week with her husband for work so we went to lunch and to Target that day. This definitely helped time pass by quickly!

They both had an awesome first day and were so excited! Day 2 was a little more difficult (ok, it was ALOT more difficult). I think they were tired from the sudden waking up early, and the reality that this was an everyday thing was starting to set in. Tag started right off not wanting to go and eventually it transferred over to Bella. Tommy went on to work because I thought the dropoff would be easy. Tag and I took Bella to her class first, and she would not let me leave....she was crying and wrapped around my leg! I felt terrible because poor Tag was seeing her so upset and it just made the feelings he was already having much much worse. I finally got freed from Bella and walked him to his room. He was just staring at me and saying "I love you" as I left him, with tears rolling down his eyes. Was definitely a heartbreaking picture to leave with. Another child's sweet momma was walking out with me and saw me crying and was able to comfort me some. She had been in the same situation last year, taking 2 at once to school for the first time. And she survived! The kids had a wonderful 3rd day and Tag didn't want to leave. He has come home all 3 days talking all about some little girl named Jillian. Apparently they are taking turns chasing each other around during recess...and we all know what that means! ;) So we have survived this milestone! I'm praying they will have a good dropoff on Monday. Hopefully the weekend won't mean we have to start all over with it all!
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you, Tag and Bella Rose!!!


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