Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's schooltime!

Tomorrow both our kiddos start school! Tag will be starting kindergarten and Bella Rose is going to Pre-K! They are so so excited to finally be "big enough" to go to real school! Tag has wanted to go ever since his cousins have gone! We actually just found out last week that Bella got a spot in the Pre-K program at Tag's school-she was on the waiting list. It's such a relief that they'll at least be together at the same school. I must confess, I was secretly hoping she wouldn't get a spot so I could have her home with me a little longer. But, I know she will benefit so much from school in so many ways, ways that Mommy just can't provide! The whole thought of sending them both to school tomorrow just makes me ill, though! But I'm known for being emotional and somewhat of a worry wart! hehe! But, like every other mom who loves their child, I'll take them to their classes and try my hardest to make it the funnest, most exciting thing they've done! Then give them big hugs and kisses with a big tear-free smile and calmly walk out of the school! (Ok, that last sentence has been my prayer for the last several days. I WILL NOT cry in front of them!) Once I'm in my car I can do whatever I want, just not in the school!

We went last night to meet the kids' teachers. The kids were ready to go meet them all day long, which made for a long day! Finally it was time to go. Their school is a brand new school, last year was the first year. It's called Thomas Jefferson Elementary and is in the Union district, which is an awesome school district! I was amazed at how nice the school was and the layout of the school is so neat! Almost like each grade has it's own department. For instance, to get to Bella's pre-k class, you go to an open room (that had a rocking chair and a couple tables, maybe for storytime?) then off behind it is all the classrooms sort of in a cluster. Same for the kindergarten classes, etc. Hard to explain but is really neat. The walls are painted bright colors like red or royal blue and have Thomas Jefferson quotes written everywhere really big across the walls. The center of the school is the big, open library and the hallway circles it. Of course the playground is so nice since all the equipment is brand new. Also the school is nestled in the back of a nice neighborhood, which is really neat and different to us! Here are some pics of the school we took when we first moved here. Tomorrow I'll have our 1st day of school pics to put up!

Front of the school

This is the neighborhood the school is in.
Please pray for us all as we start this new and exciting chapter in our family's life tomorrow!


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