Thursday, July 23, 2009

I've been feeling crafty!

I've been looking online at tutu bowholders like these but didn't want to spend that much money one one, and thought they looked easy enough to make myself. Of course mine's not as nice and neat as these, but Bella Rose and I are plenty pleased! Oh, and I had lots of tulle left over so I sorta went a little "tulle happy" in her room! ha!

I definitely didn't get my satin very smooth! And it would have looked better if it was padded on the bodice, but I didnt' have any batting and I didn't want to wait!
With some of her bows attached (and after Bella has rearranged them hundreds of times!)
I made this little tutu lamp shade with a tutu and some green tulle at top and a feathery rose. It may look dumb, I'm not sure, but I kinda like it!
Added a tulle bow to this frame (told you I was tulle happy!)

I painted this wall hanging for Bella Rose's nursery when she was first born and hope to always have it hanging in her room =)
Poor Tag doesn't have anything I've made for his part of the room just yet. I'm trying to come up with something. I guess girly projects just are a little easier for me!

Monday, July 20, 2009

One rotation down...5 more to go!

Tommy wrapped up his 6 week pediatric rotation this past Friday!! Woohoo! These 6 weeks have flown by faster than any other 6 week period in my life, I do believe! I hope he cruises through all the others like he did this one! He really enjoyed doing pediatrics and feels like the doctor he was working under did well training him. So, moving right along, today was the first day of his 6 week family practice rotation. I can't imagine how he does this, going to a new place and meeting new people to work with this often! He said his first day today was pretty good and this doctor was already sending him in to examine the patients alone and he'd then come out and make his diagnosis to the doctor. But thankfully, he feels confident doing that right now with these rotations. We are all so proud of him making his dream come true!

Now on to the pictures...ha! I figure after all the hard work it's taken him to get here to clinicals, we should celebrate each rotation's end. So, we went out to eat at Red Lobster Friday night (btw...the only way our family knows how to celebrate is with food!) =) and before we went, I attempted to use my self-timer on my camera to get a family picture. I am terrible at getting family pictures. Everytime there is a good occasion for one, I always realize after the fact that I should've had a family pic taken! My battery was about gone in the camera so these pics are a little fuzzy, but now I know how to do it so hopefully more family pics will come! The first pics are when I was trying to figure out where to position the camera and Tom, Tag & Bella were being silly while the camera was flashing away! And check out Bella Rose hamming it up for the camera in all of these!! Precious! (oh, and please ignore the boring white wall in the background...gotta love apt living!)

I think this one below is my favorite (I realize that probably only I can see a real difference in each pic! ha!)

So in love with these 3!

Also...our company is here! We picked up Zak and Macy last night when they arrived around 10:00. I got to see some of my church family when I picked them up and it was so good to see them! I hope they all have a wonderful, life-changing experience at camp this week! I've already begun taking pics so I'll have plenty to post of their time here!

I'll leave you with one last pic of my little loves that is just pure sweetness! They really do love each other (well...most of the time) and I'm so glad they have one another!!

Hope you are having a great week!


Friday, July 17, 2009

My dad & our visitors!!

As I have mentioned on here before, we had been counting down to July 15th, which was when Nana and Poppy (my mom and dad) were coming to visit. We were so ready to pick them up from the airport that afternoon! But my dad started have some issues with his heart...his heart was racing and pounding, chest tightness, and other telltale symptoms. Of course, being a male, he did all he could to avoid going to the hospital, but finally relented (I think it was after some heavy persuasion from my brother!). Thankfully he hadn't had a heart attack and after being monitored overnight they found that his heart would stop for several seconds at a time. He didn't even feel it though when it did this. He only noticed it when it was racing at other times. In other words his heartbeat was just all out of whack! He had a heart cath the next day and thankfully again, he had no blockages, but he did need a pacemaker and to be sent home on medicine. He's doing wonderfully now and recovering well! I can't tell you how relieved we all are. I know he's been dealing with the racing heart for a while. It was so hard to not be there with him during all this, but I knew he was in the best care with all our loving family and friends. Our family is so blessed with a wonderful church family and wonderful friends, who were all continuously checking on him and my mom. When Dad called us while he was in the hospital, I don't think I've ever loved to hear his voice as much. I have always had a close relationship with my Daddy and it is something I'll treasure forever. When I think of him the first thing that comes to mind is how strong he is, even though he's still a softie deep down. (That softness is starting to show more and more as he ages, though! ha!) And I have always loved his hands, so big and strong. He's worked hard his entire life and is so smart, something he doesn't give himself enough credit for. He started a business over 30 years ago and has grown it into something we are all proud of that has allowed him to amply provide for his family. I wish he didn't still have to work so hard, but you know what they say, if you stop going you start having all sorts of problems. They have been making time to travel the last several years and they both enjoy that so much. My parents are more wonderful than I can ever explain. They have supported Tommy and I through high school and college, and I can never repay them for their support while we were living with them the last year and a half! It was a tough time for my little family at times, but Mom and Dad were there supporting us and praying for us the entire time. I love them both more than they'll ever know! Tommy and I are definitely blessed with 2 wonderful sets of parents!

My mom and dad-aren't they such a nice looking couple?!

Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long for more visitors! The youth group from our home church, Fair Park Baptist in West Monroe, is coming to youth camp here in Oklahoma next week. My sister, Cherie, is very involved with the youth...and let me tell you, they are lucky to have her! She is coming with the youth group to camp and my niece, Katelyn, and nephew, Jonathan, are in the youth so they are coming. I had planned to meet up with them sometime to see them all, and then I realized I could invite Cherie's other 2 younger kids, Zak and Macy, to ride along with them and stay here with us while they are at camp. So now we will have my niece and nephew here this Sunday until next Saturday, and Cherie, Kate and Jonathan will also be staying with us next Friday night before heading back to WM on Saturday!!! We're so excited!! And it ended up working out perfectly because now the group is coming here to Broken Arrow Sunday night and staying the night at a church here, before driving on to camp on Monday. We just cannot wait to see familiar faces and the kids are so ready to have someone besides mom and dad to interact with! ha! (There are some kids here they play with but nothing like their cousins!) Now we're keeping our fingers crossed for Jaime, Savannah and Abbie to get to come visit!!!

Can't wait to see these faces!!!!

Me with my sis, Cherie~yes, she's beautiful!

Katelyn, Zak and Macy~Cherie's pretty kiddos!

Katelyn and Jonathan with a friend, Savannah.

We also have plans for Ma C and Pops (Tommy's parents) to come visit at the end of the month and my parents are rescheduling their trip for early August! So we are so thrilled and will be able to keep a countdown for visitors going for a little while!!! Woohoo! =)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tulsa Drillers Game

Tulsa has a minor league baseball team called the Tulsa Drillers. I think they are the minor league team for the KC Royals. Well, we went to a game last night and I'm pretty sure this will our first and last Drillers game for a while! ha! It was so so so HOT!! It started at 6:00 but it was still just too hot to sit and watch a game just for entertainment's sake. Would be different if it was a friend or family member we were suffering to watch. ;) Anyway, it was fun for a bit and something different to get out and do. It was kid's night when we went and they had a few promotions going on such as free face painting and free hot dogs and ice cream for the kids.

Face Painting!!

My new favorite pic of my little guy!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Broken Arrow has some nice pools!!

Everytime we talk to someone new in Tulsa/BA they are always telling us something new the city has to offer for families. We have just been shocked at all there is to do! We got Tag's haircut (see pic below)

and the girl was telling us there are lots of public pools in BA that are really nice. My first thought of a public pool is not a nice picture...but we drove by one and were amazed! I took the kids to one on Thursday and it was SO much fun! We were planning to take the kids to the big water park in Tulsa eventually, but I think this will do just fine for our kids since they are too short to ride most of the slides anyway at the waterpark. And most's waaaaaay cheaper! ;)

Kiddie pool area

You can see the big slides in the background and they have a couple diving boards

Tulsa has a minor league baseball team called the Tulsa Drillers and we are planning to go to a game tonight. Should be fun fun!!! And you know I'll have pics from that to post!! =)


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July

We had a nice, relaxing 4th weekend. We did get out for some fireworks that night. I LOVE going to fireworks shows! We set out to find some we had looked up online but then found there was some being set up right down the road from our apt. So we just parked at home and walked and avoided all the traffic...very nice! Here are some pics from the night!

Tom showing off his little fan! ha

Tag brought his toys to occupy him while waiting for the show to start

We hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!