Monday, August 10, 2009

A visit from Nana!

My mom came to visit us Tuesday and stayed until Sunday. Dad was supposed to come also, but had to stay in West Monroe because something came up with work. :( At first I was worried because the kids got a stomach bug when Nana first arrived. But thankfully, it was just a 24 hour thing and we were back in business afterwards! We had a great time while Nana was here. We shopped some, swam some, went to the Oklahoma Aquarium, and just enjoyed each other's company. Here are some pictures from our trip to the Aquarium...

Nana with Tag and Bella outside the Aquarium

Tag getting ready to put his head in the gator's mouth (his daddy's suggestion!)

Petting a starfish

Petting a starfish

Posing with starfish

Love this picture of Bella Rose and Daddy in the shark tunnel

Nana & Tag cheesing in the shark tunnel

Ahhhhh...a shark is coming for you! Tag loves this picture!

Tag wanted this picture so badly! We took about 50 pictures trying to get one of Tag with some sharks around him.

Me with my mom

Petting the sting rays

Love this picture...Tag is so excited and telling Nana about petting the stingrays
While Mom was here Tommy got to go out on a date! This was our first date in about 10 weeks so it was much much overdue! We went to the Cheesecake Factory and the food was delicious! Thanks, Mom, for giving us a date night! We really needed it and really enjoyed a quiet dinner alone!
Tommy and I before our date!
Also while Nana was here, it was time to change out Bella's earrings! She's accumulated a nice collection of earrings! Auntie Amber gave her a pair of heart earrings, Ma C sent her several pairs of earrings including some diamond butterflies, which is the first pair she wanted to change into! The first earring went right in, but we had a little trouble getting the second ear done. She got a little worried, but finally I got it in!
Bella worrying that it was going to hurt
Finally...beautiful butterfly earrings on a beautiful little girl!
And then it was Sunday and time for Nana to go. I always dread saying goodbye at airports. We had several miserable goodbyes with Tommy when he would leave to go to Grand Cayman and I guess I just can't get those out of my system!
Posing with Nana while waiting on her plane to board

Such little cutie pies!

We have really enjoyed all our visitors, but now it's all over! Too bad we couldn't have spread them out some! But we are planning to go "home" to WM middle of October so we'll get to see everyone again then. We have a really big week this week as the kids start school to keep us occupied!
We can't wait for you to come back and visit, Nana! And next time be sure Poppy gets to come too! Love you so!


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