Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catching up...

We've not had too much going on lately. It's just cold and we've been stuck inside most of the time. Tag has 2 more basketball games left and their little team is looking better and better...they're starting to get the idea of the game. He still goes to wrestling practice and really enjoys it, but we aren't doing any of the matches. As his daddy says, it's a weekly outlet for him to get out some of that wrestling energy that he has so much of! ;) Bella Rose is doing great and growing like a weed...they both are growing too fast. She has gotten into her baby dolls again and loves being a mommy to them. In fact, when we went to see Santa and he asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up, she said "a mommy"! Awwwweee! I don't know if this started after being with Bently or what, but I love it...especially since I'm sure it won't be long and she won't want a thing to do with baby dolls.

Not much going on with me. I am trying to sub as much as possible...but those jobs are hard to get in this system! I do have 2 jobs already for later this week and next week. I am looking into doing the alternative certification program to become a teacher when we get back in LA. I would love to be able to start teaching next Fall....so I'm about to be studying for that dreaded PRAXIS. :( I honestly can't imagine taking any kind of test and I'm really anxious about it!

Tommy finished his Internal Medicine rotation a week ago. To brag on him a bit...he once again got a near perfect evaluation from his attending, as he has with each of his rotations so far. He has patients telling his doctors what a great bedside manner he has and how thorough he is and good at explaining their diagnosis. I'm just really proud of him. He does have this magnetic personality and has this really caring side to him that comes out when he's with a patient. I was always certain he would have a great bedside manner. He started his 12 week surgery rotation yesterday and although he had heard negative things about this doctor from other students, he hit it off well with him. The dr. had on an Alabama hat so it helped to break the ice by bringing up Alabama's Coach Saban that Tommy played under at LSU. :) We are still uncertain about how long we will be able to stay in Tulsa...or how long Tommy will. As of now, Tommy is scheduled to go to Virginia for a 6 week rotation at the end of March. We have said that we will not do such a long distance apart thing again, but looks like it'll be happening soon. And it wouldn't be so bad if we were closer to family... There is a possibility they will allow the Tulsa site to stay open and some students are drafting a letter in hopes of persuading them. So this is what I'm praying for and would love your prayers also! We have been through so much (that many of you prayed us through!) since he got in medical school that has grown us in so many ways...so I'm not going to let this worry me! Ultimately, we will survive whatever we have to and it will all be worth it in the end once he's finished and he has a satisfying and fulfilling career!! Weeeeell, I guess I had alot on my mind this morning! ;)

Here are some random pics from the last week or 2...

Here's our precious Santa pic! This was the best Santa we've seen through the years. It's funny because last year Tag wasn't in our Santa pic....he was too scared to go near him! ha! He couldn't believe he was that scared when we told him that the other day!
I went in to check on the kids before bed the other night and found Bella laying like this. =)

These next pics are blackmail pics! Tag put on my Uggs and stuffed his sleeves with paper. hahaha!

Rosie all bundled up for school...she looks like little Cindy Lou Who!

Hope you have a great week!