Monday, September 28, 2009

What we've been up to...

So, I had planned to post this over the weekend, but then my computer completely died on me. :( Don't know what happened, but I'm hoping we can at least get my pictures and videos extracted from it. I vow to learn my lesson this time and keep our family pictures backed up! But I'm using Tommy's laptop in the meantime...

We had a nice weekend. Tag had a game Saturday. We aren't sure if they won since they don't keep score, but we think they may have tied. ;) But I do know that Tag pulled 3 flags! He was proud proud and each time he runs straight to coach to let them know he got the if they hadn't seen! Moments like that make you realize how much sports or other extracurricular activities help build self confidence. Bella is still loving dancing. Our weeks are starting to be somewhat full and I know they will only get busier as the kids grow. On Mondays we have dance, Tuesday - football, Wednesday - Jefferson Milers (a running club Tag has joined after school that promotes exercise and running for the kids, and for each mile they run they get a "foot" charm to add to a bracelet), Thursday - football practice or game, Saturday - football game. But we're loving it all!

Tommy is doing great in his Internal Medicine rotation. We're enjoying his schedule of 7 days on and 7 days off. His 7 days on are long and tiring some days, but it's nice having that week off. He's making rounds at the hospital, writing orders and admitting patients from the ER. It's a big responsibility and he's doing fantastic! He's starting his 4th week this week, so just 8 more. We have gotten some tough news recently.....we may be having to move from Tulsa sooner than we thought because St. Francis Hospital is cancelling their contract with St. Matthews (Tommy's school) for some reason. It's so frustrating and I'm praying this will not be the case. We really really love it here and with kids in school, it's not so easy to just pick up and move during the school year. And as always, it's nothing we can plan ahead for, making it all SO much harder to deal with. Please pray that this situation will work out with as little stress on our family as possible. So many issues are running through my mind ranging from the financial stress of moving once again, down to my sweet Bella's plans for being in her dance recital here in May. But I will not give in to the worries because we've been through so much already and keep coming out on top! I'm certain that if we do have to move, we'll soon find out it was for the better. Just please keep us in your prayers!

I went to substitute teacher training this past week and in a couple weeks should be in the system to get started. I only signed up for subbing at the kids' school becuase I'll need to be able to pick them up after school. I am already volunteering on Wednesday mornings helping out Bella's teacher with any copying, cutting, laminating, etc, and have signed up to work the Book Fair after Fall Break. I enjoy being up at the school volunteering and making relationships with the teachers. I guess this is in my blood since my mom was the same way when we were young...and it meant alot to know she was around! In the rest of my free time, I've been exercising regularly and I'm trying not to get discouraged since I'm not seeing results as quickly as I'm wanting. UGGGGGHHHH! I've made so many changes, but I guess I have to realize it took me 7 years and 2 kiddos to get my body in the shape it's in currently, so it's just going to take some time! ;) I'm completely impatient with it though!

I went to the fabric store over the weekend and got some things for my next sewing projects! I actually made Tag some warm fleece pj pants on Saturday and I'm quite proud at how much he's loving wearing them! I didn't have a pattern to follow for these...just looked at some other pj pants he has...therefore I was busy, busy undoing and redoing seams that I kept doing backwards. Ugh! So it looks like for me, following a pattern or not, it's going to be work! It definitely tried my patience, but I learned lots, once again! I got a pattern off of Etsy for some cute ruffle pants for Bella and I'm itching to get started on them!

Bella and I went to the Taylor Swift concert last night (you guessed it, that'll be another post!)! I do believe this made Bella the happiest girl in Tulsa last night! I will never forget how tightly she squeezed my hands when Taylor first stepped out and how wide her smile was, or how sweet it was to watch her singing her heart out to the songs! Sweet, sweet memories and I'm grateful that I have such an awesome husband that went out of his way to surprise us with the tickets!

I think this catches you up with what's going on in our daily lives! Thanks for reading! =)


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Made by Mommy with lots of Love...

I finally completed my first sewing project! My poor mom probably wanted to pull her hair out from trying to explain those silly pattern instructions to me over the phone! So a BIG THANK YOU to my sweet Momma for helping me out! I learned lots of lessons this go around and am already looking forward to my next project! And I'll need to come up with something I can make for Tag, as he's asking what I made for him after seeing Bella's little top. It's just harder to come up with things to sew for a 6 yr old boy! Hmmmmmm.....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! ;)

The model definitely makes the outfit looks tons better! :)


Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Grandmother

Six years ago today, Frances Evelyn Kent, my grandmother, passed away. I am so thankful that we were all able to be there with her, holding her hand as she went. She was such a beautiful person and someone I will always hope to be like. We lived next door to her and my Papa my entire life so we saw them just about every day growing up. She was loved by so many and we are very blessed she was ours! She left us a most amazing legacy with her life and her marriage. She was adored by my Papa and they were truly still in love until the day he passed. They were the sweet kind of couple that still held hands and teased one another. He called her "Brown Eyes" and spent his life completely devoted to her. She was also the best dressed lady in town, which brings to mind another legacy she left! Oh how I miss her and I thank God for her life!


School picture day & Crazy hair day!

We had our first school picture day this past week! Bell wore her new boots and looked quite cute, if I do say so myself! And Tag was handsome as ever....although he did LOTS of griping about having to wear that polo shirt to school!

Their school has been doing several weeks of activities to raise money for United Way. They have had a couple Bubble Gum Days where they can buy gum for $.25 and get to chew a piece during school, and a Hat Day where they could pay to wear a hat to school. Friday they had Crazy Hair Day where they could pay $1 and wear their hair as crazy as they wanted and also pay another $1 to watch the teachers do relays. I think they had a totally fun day Friday with the hair and teacher relays! And this week they have Pajama Day that they're excited about! Of course all the money goes to United Way and it's a great way to teach the kids the importance of giving...and it allows them to get to have fun doing it! I really really love their school and we'll definitely miss it when we move!

Tag's mohawk before we colored it

Bella's froo froo pinty tails before color =)
Purple and green mohawk

That's one cool kid! ;)

The purple color, sparkle spray and big bows finished off the look perfectly! Her teacher said she pranced around all day and wore her crazy hair proudly!
Now......I think I'm caught up again on my blogs for now!!

Bella the Ballerina

Bella had her first dance lesson last Monday! She loved it! I'm not sure if it's what she thought it would be...I think she thought she'd be learning to dance like the ballerinas do on tv instead of simple little dance moves they'll be learning. But she was happy happy and wants to go EVERY DAY to dance! Here are pics of our tiny dancer in her dance clothes! I was in heaven seeing her all dressed and ready to go!

As always, she requested a pic from behind so we could see her hair! She's wanted to wear her hair "like a real ballerina" (in a bun) for sooooo long and was thrilled when she saw it in the mirror. :)

Modelling her ballet shoes
Bell's always on her tippy toes!

She loves her tap shoes!


Practicing her shuffling!

After dance, she was a proud and happy girl!

Her recital will be on May 29th and she is already asking when she gets to wear a's gonna be a long year of dance! ;)

A cute little flag football player!

Tag had his first football game last weekend. They got to play at Union Tuttle stadium where Union High School plays and it's a beautiful facility. The boys had a great time playing and even though they don't keep score, we won our first game! Here are some pics of our big football player from the first game. :)

No, he didn't get to pick his number...

Coach brought eyeblack for the team! Tag was a little embarrassed at first. ;)


Love him!

1st play of the game. Isn't that a pretty church in the background!

Tag snapping the ball....I love how the 2 boys beside him are looking at this like they've never seen it before! Like they're saying "what in the world are they doing?!" Ha!

Love the smiles on all the kids' faces in this pic....shows they are really having fun!

Our boy in action and looking for a flag to pull!

Good game guys!

Go Jefferson!!

SO glad Nana and Poppy got to be here for 1st game!

Our sweet family!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Birthday and a Surprise Visit

I had what will most likely always be one of my best birthdays ever this year! I was sitting on the couch watching tv on my bday when my dad called to tell me "Happy Birthday". He asked if my presents had arrived and I told him that I didn't know because I hadn't been to the mailbox that day. He told me to open the door to see if they left them outside the door, which I thought a little odd, but went ahead and checked anyway! And there were he and mom!!!! I am still in shock they were able to pull the surprise off! They had flown in, gotten a rental car and driven to the apt. all without my knowing! I felt so special!!! Thanks so much Mom and Dad (and for Tommy for helping them arrange it and for keeping it a secret!)! They came on Wednesday and stayed until Sunday and we had so much fun! They got here before the kids got out of school so we were able to go surprise them. They of course had NO CLUE that Nana and Poppy would be there to pick them up from shcool! I got a cute video that I might try to upload later of the moment they saw them. Tag had the biggest grin and ran straight to them for hugs and Bella acted like it was no surprise to her at all! haha! You never know how kids will react!
For my bday dinner we ate at the Cheesecake Factory! Yummmmmmmy!
Tommy had ordered me this yummy cookie cake (my favorite!) and gotten us some Maggie Moos cheesecake ice cream to go along with it! It was delicious!
The kids enjoyed all the snuggling and lap-sitting they got while Nana and Poppy were here! We hadn't seen my dad since we moved here in June. And he looked wonderful...couldn't tell at all he had had any problems before!

Tag had his first football game while they were here (those pics will be in another post!) and afterwards we went to Krispy Kreme! The Balloon Guy was there and they were doing face painting.

Mom and Dad got me a new sewing machine for my birthday!! I love it so much! Here are Bella and I trying it out!
We also took the kids to Chuck E Cheese's for some fun!

When we were at Wal Mart we saw this Elvis car! All I can say is WOW!! My mom loves Elvis so we had to take pics! ;)
This was on the hood of the car! I understand that people love him, but really? Doing this to your car??

We had the best time while they were here and it was the best surprise! Love you both dearly!!