Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ma C and Pops Visit!!

We had a great time with my in-laws (Ma C and Pops) last weekend! We were able to do lots of catching up and hear all about their new house, ate some good food, the kids swam a little, and we went to the Aviation Space Museum here in Tulsa. We did a Planetarium show while there and it was good, but I think we all almost fell asleep...well maybe some actually DID fall asleep, but they will remain nameless! ;) I will say that Bella got really good at jerking an arm or hand to wake someone when they were snoring! Ha! Good memories! We had lots of fun and as always with visitors, you hate to see them leave! We hope to have Ma C and Pops back to visit again soon!

Bella Rose on the way to the museum
Almost too short!
Tag the astronaut!
Bella Rose laying on a bed of nails!
She did it twice trying to convince Tag that it didn't hurt. He never would do it tho!

Obviously Rosie thought she was actually flying, she was really pulling back on that stick!

Bella Rose and her Pops =)

Ma C & her new friend that she was hoping we'd rescue her from!

The kids with Ma C and Pops! So much fun!!


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  1. That is a brave little girl to lay on the bed of nails. I don't blame Tag for not doing it. ha!