Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun at the Riverwalk

On Wednesday Tommy gets home around 1:00 so we decided to get out of the house that afternoon. We found out that at the Riverwalk in Jenks there is a theater that shows a free Disney movie each week, so we will definitely be taking advantage of this! We were too late this Wed. for the movie but we decided we'd walk the Riverwalk and grab a bite to eat.

They had this cute little spot out front...that of course I saw as a great photo op!

Can you see them behind the waterfall?!

There they are!

Our Bella loves loves loves to sing and dance, so we thought she'd be right at home on the big Riverwalk stage!

She didn't feel up to it that day...too many extra eyes there I suppose. ;) But you see her biggest fan was there ready to cheer her on!

Tag was calling for her to dance, but she was too shy. :)

As you can imagine, in this heat we got REALLY hot REALLY fast! There was a fountain some kids were playing in and the kids wanted to so badly. My initial response was the "practical" answer of "no", because we didn't have a change of clothes with us for the car ride home. But then we decided, oh, what's it gonna hurt?! And I'm so glad we did because they had a blast!! I am trying to say "yes" to more things like this because I know these are the things they'll remember getting to play in their clothes in the water!

This is Bella letting the water go up her shirt...she said she was playing pregnant! Oh Lord!

They were two happy, cooled off kids when it was time to go!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bella got her ears pierced!

Bella has been asking for a while to get her ears pierced and I had been waiting to make sure she really wanted to. I had been telling her that it would hurt a little because I wanted her to go in knowing what it was like, and she had watched a couple girls get theirs done at the mall. She still wanted to get hers done. So we finally decided to take her after hearing "...sigh...I wish I had my ears pierced" over and over! I was way more nervous than she was. And I think Tag was pretty worried himself. He wanted to hold her hand during and told her it was ok for her to cry. Sweet big brother! But she did so good! She definitely wanted to cry I think, but she held it together and didn't (something she's very proud of now)! And each time she walks by a mirror, or if her hand brushes over them, she says "I just love my new diamond earrings".

Just before getting them pierced!

Just after....just a few tears welled up

Proud big girl!

Getting some loving from a proud big brother!

Showing off those new "diamonds" =)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our time in Tulsa...

Since moving here on June 5th, we've been quite busy trying to get settled in and trying to keep the kids entertained. It's been hard to move from where we were with lots of family and friends around keeping us busy, to here....where it's just us 4. It's also exciting, tho! We've managed to stay busy and we've found Tulsa has lots of fun things to offer! So, I thought I'd try to provide a summary of what we've been up to up to this point.

~ Starting with moving day...oh what a day. I was an emotional mess the entire day, just with the reality that I was about to have to say goodbye-that it was finally time. If I stopped to think about it I'd start crying, so my focus was to get everything done so we could just get it all over with! (I had joked about just leaving in the middle of the night to avoid the "goodbye's"!) But, now it's done and I must say that I'm thankful to be blessed with so many people to miss and be missed by. We left around 6pm that day with hopes that the kids would watch a movie or 2, then we were going to stop in Shreveport to see Brandon & Erica, then the kids would sleep for the rest of the trip. That was the plan!

And as you can see below, we got our wish! =)

Check out the chaos surrounding the sleeping kiddos!

Poor lil guy...tried to get comfy.

This picture makes me laugh! (Oh & that chocolate
around her mouth is from the yummy brownies
Nana baked for our road trip! )

~ Well, if you know us Banks well enough, you know our first stop once in Tulsa had to be......
Krispy Kreme! Woohoo!

Pure delight!! If you haven't ever had one of their doughnuts hot off the line, you NEED to! :)

~ One day we took the kids to Incredible Pizza Co. as a belated birthday trip. This place is AMAZING! Has indoor go-carts, putt putt, bumper cars, blacklight bowling and carnival games, all under one roof! And a pretty decent buffet too!

Tag at the water gun shooting game

I know it's blurry...the kids playing putt putt

Tag on the bumper cars

~ One of the public parks in Tulsa is super nice! It has 3 playsets that are loads of fun. The kids definitely enjoy playing here...but it's been much too hot to go lately.

The kids on their scooters

That's Tag way down on the bridge!

Bella looks very focused on her "scooter'ing"!

And I just like this pic of our pretty girl!

~These are just some pics from around the house.

Blowing bubbles on the patio.

These bubbles are neat...they don't pop when
you touch them so you can catch them.

Bella with Tag's binoculars. (no we weren't
using them to spy on neighbors! ;))

Check out that hair on our handsome fella! =)

We spend lots of time at the pool to stay cool!

~ One day I found Bella Rose out on the patio "rocking her baby". Too cute!

Posing in her outfit from Aunt Erica
& Uncle Snuffy. Love it!

Whew...I think that just about catches us up to today...well almost!