Friday, August 28, 2009

2 Rotations down...4 more to go!

Tommy has completed his 2nd rotation! Woohoo!!!! Yesterday was the last day of his family practice rotation! He really enjoyed this rotation as well as the doctor and staff working at the clinic he was at. The kids and I went to the clinic yesterday to meet everyone and they were the nicest people and made us feel so welcome....showing the kids all around the office. They loved seeing where Daddy has been going all these days and getting to try out some of the "tools". Tommy got to see and do lots of new things this rotation, some of which...his first time to do suturing, giving injections, and performing a couple minor surgical procedures. I got to see him in action yesterday when we were there and I was just amazed and so proud of him! He did this rotation with another med student named Ryan Rasmussen...and let me tell you, this guy is hilarious! He keeps everyone laughing when he's around. Tommy said he's also a very smart guy and will be an awesome doctor one day. It's also really neat because Ryan and his family live here in the same apartment complex as us! (I still think that's such a huge coincidence when you consider how huge Tulsa is.) Anyway, Ryan has a beautiful wife, April, and 2 precious little boys named Emmet and Weston that we have gotten to meet. :)

Tommy and Ryan at the clinic

On Monday, Tommy will start his Internal Medicine rotation. This is a 12 week rotation so it will be tougher than the previous two 6 week rotations. He will be at St. Francis Hospital and I'm thinking this may start the longer hours for him. We've really enjoyed him being at clinics because those doctors usually keep nice hours. But, we'll just enjoy the nice schedules when we get them, and we'll survive the tough schedules just the same! Please keep Tommy in your prayers as he works through these next 12 weeks!

And as I said in my post when he finished his 1st rotation, we will make a point to celebrate each and every one of these rotations! He is breezing through them and getting closer and closer to graduation! Not sure what we'll do to celebrate this one this weekend, but I'm sure it will involve a nice dinner! =)



  1. Congrats Tommy! By the way, I noticed you were a follower on Emme Claire's blog--how do you know them?

  2. I don't know Amy, but her husband is my Uncle John's first cousin, so Aunt Pat knows her. Aunt Pat wanted me to look at the tutus yesterday and that's when I saw you were a follower. Small world!