Monday, August 10, 2009

Sewing runs in the family!

Ok, so none of these family members are technically related...but they are each in MY family and are very talented! I thought I'd show off some of their handiwork! I hope to get a sewing machine of my own soon so I can start some sewing in my spare time!

This is Bella Rose in a tutu her Aunt Erica made her for Christmas last year!
She loves it!
Rosie dancing in her tutu!

Auntie Erica also made Bella this precious dress that we love! She's gotten so much wear out of this one! And the colors are so cute!

I love this outfit Bella Rose's Nana made her! My mom is very talented in lots of ways. She used to do alot of sewing, she painted some, and made cakes! She doesn't find time much for any of it anymore, though. But, maybe eventually she will again.
I love the ruffle collar and around the bottom of the pants. Very cute!
Love these fabrics!

And most recently, Auntie Amber has taken up sewing and bow-making! This is, I think, her first dress she made! We are honored to have it and love the colors and fabric so much!

We are definitely feeling very blessed! This little girl is looking just adorable in her outfits, thanks to these talented ladies! Thank you all so much!


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