Tuesday, September 1, 2009

End of 2nd Rotation Celebration =)

Ok, maybe we are reaching for something to celebrate, but we are pretty proud of Daddy! We went to eat at Fish Daddy's restaurant Sunday night. Tulsa has a gazillion restaurants, but not very many seafood places, or at least that we've seen... Our dinner was yummy and we had a fabulous night! It was nice and cool and breezy so we ate out on the patio. And for the most part of the dinner we were the only ones out there so it was just perfect! I told Tommy I felt like we were on vacation or something...even though we were only about 100 yards from our house! hehe! ;) I ate grilled fish that was topped with shrimp and crawfish in a white wine sauce....mmmm mmmm good! Tommy had some sort of combination platter and it looked yummy too! It was just an all around nice night and here are some pics as we sat outside waiting for our food!

I also wanted to remind you to please please still be praying for little Kate McRae. No, I don't know this family personally, but they have just stuck in my mind and heart and I am constantly checking her caringbridge site and praying. It is heart wrenching and sometimes I don't want to go check her site, but it is our duty as Christians to pray for those in need. Kate is going through her 2nd round of chemo now and they are at home for this round and just having a really HARD time. They really need to be lifted up right now. You can also click the link below and leave them a message to let them know you are praying for Kate, as they are constantly asking for people to intervene with prayer for their daughter.



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