Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You've Got Mail...

Tag and Bella received a package in the mail from a very sweet aunt and uncle!! I can't explain how happy this makes the kids to get a box that has THEIR name on it! I wish I could get a picture of them when they realize it's for them. Anyway, here are some pics of them with their "Happy's"!

Bella got some pretty diamond heart earrings that made her so so happy! She can't wait to change out her earrings in a few more weeks! She also got her very own fleur de lis necklace! She was so excited, she ran to my jewelry box and got mine out for me to wear so we would match. =)

It doesn't take much to make my Tag happy....he LOVES collecting random things. He found bottlecaps one day and he wanted them so badly, so he received his own bottlecaps to start his new collection! He was thrilled!!

He also got an LSU stationery and pen set so he can write people. He claims his hand hurts after writing only a few his notes take a while...haha! But he got right started on his first note! I keep telling him he'll be in school soon and will be writing more and more, so get used to it!
Thank you so much for the package!!!! It made the kids' day and they love you very much!!


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