Saturday, July 11, 2009

Broken Arrow has some nice pools!!

Everytime we talk to someone new in Tulsa/BA they are always telling us something new the city has to offer for families. We have just been shocked at all there is to do! We got Tag's haircut (see pic below)

and the girl was telling us there are lots of public pools in BA that are really nice. My first thought of a public pool is not a nice picture...but we drove by one and were amazed! I took the kids to one on Thursday and it was SO much fun! We were planning to take the kids to the big water park in Tulsa eventually, but I think this will do just fine for our kids since they are too short to ride most of the slides anyway at the waterpark. And most's waaaaaay cheaper! ;)

Kiddie pool area

You can see the big slides in the background and they have a couple diving boards

Tulsa has a minor league baseball team called the Tulsa Drillers and we are planning to go to a game tonight. Should be fun fun!!! And you know I'll have pics from that to post!! =)


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  1. Fun pools!!! I don't know of any pools that fun in Nashville. Guess I have a few years to be looking for those. Looks like fun though.