Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our big big girl!

Bella Rose is officially sassy-less! (sassy = pacifier!) And let me tell you, this girl LOVED her sassies...had to have at least 2 to go to bed at night! Now did I ever think I would have a 4 year old with a sassy still? NO! But Tommy and I were very set on not taking it from her until things were stable for us. We didn't know when we'd be moving and we wanted to wait till we were moved and all settled. And it worked out perfectly! We had been talking to her preparing her for it and hoping she would decide to do it on her own since she's old enough to understand. We were telling her that there are babies whose mom's can't afford to buy them sassies and she could send them hers. (hehe) Last Friday she woke up and said she doesn't need them anymore and she wanted to go right then to put them in the mail box!! So I put them in an envelope and we put them in the box (I got it out before the mailman came)!! I know it may sound ridiculous, but it was a little sad for me. Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled she was getting rid of them, but to hear her call herself a big girl, and anytime my kids make progression towards growing up it always stirs me. I hope I get better with this with time! ha! I'm already very emotional about Tag starting school, but I know all moms feel this way! I just have this vision of him walking in the school and me a mess outside watching! And then I go ahead and envision him walking in high school and it's just too much! How do all these moms do this stuff?! Anyway, here's more pictures of Bella on her big day taking her sassies to mail...

Walking to the mailbox


Tag was our escort...he was a little shocked she was going through with it!

Sweet little hand putting the envelope in our box

Afterwards, she was proud...not bothered one bit!

On the phone with her Poppy...she immediately made a round of phone calls to all the grandparents to tell them what she had done!

She has done really well...the first night was a little rough, understandably. She sounded so pitiful at bedtime wanting them back. I think it had hit home what she had done! But after that she's maybe asked for them once and then she found one in the car and brought it to me to put in the mail too! We're very proud of her!

I wanted to ask you to pray for this beautiful little girl named Kate.

I don't know them, just found them off another blog I read that was requesting prayer for her as well. She is 5 years old and on June 29th, they found a very aggressive tumor in her brain. They are a strong Christian family but are so weak from all this, as you can imagine. I have just felt a strong burden to pray for them and have been keeping up with them through their site. Please please pray for them! It is our duty to pray for each other...and truthfully, we will all be in some need of prayer warriors at some point in each of our own lives... Thanks!


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