Monday, July 13, 2009

Tulsa Drillers Game

Tulsa has a minor league baseball team called the Tulsa Drillers. I think they are the minor league team for the KC Royals. Well, we went to a game last night and I'm pretty sure this will our first and last Drillers game for a while! ha! It was so so so HOT!! It started at 6:00 but it was still just too hot to sit and watch a game just for entertainment's sake. Would be different if it was a friend or family member we were suffering to watch. ;) Anyway, it was fun for a bit and something different to get out and do. It was kid's night when we went and they had a few promotions going on such as free face painting and free hot dogs and ice cream for the kids.

Face Painting!!

My new favorite pic of my little guy!

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  1. Jason and I saw Tommy on the news last night. I wish they would have shown a family picture when they were talking about what he's doing now!