Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gotchas & Pinty-tails

This year at Jefferson Elementary (the kids' school) they are doing a new character education program that promotes positive behavior. For the first few weeks of school they talked daily to the kids about the 3 foundations of the program...being respectful, responsible, and safe. Starting this Monday, teachers began handing out "Gotcha" notes to students if they saw them acting respectful, responsible or safe and Tag and Bella both got 1 each on Monday and also again on Tuesday! Their own teacher can't hand them out, it has to be another teacher. For instance, Tag got his Tuesday for being respectful and responsible because he said "yes maam" to another teacher when she asked him to take keys to another teacher at recess. Bella got hers for walking quietly in the halls. I think this program is going to be wonderful because they are loving working for some Gotchas! Oh and they get rewards for how many gotchas they get and they'll have a Gotcha party each quarter where they can trade their gotchas in for sundae toppings to make the principal into a sundae, or duct tape her to the gym wall, or paint to paint the principal, and water balloons to throw at staff! It's just a real neat program and you can only imagine how much the kids are looking forward to doing this to the principal and teachers!!!

Tag with his "Gotcha" note

Bella with her "Gotcha" note

This morning Bella Rose wanted to wear her hair in "pinty-tails" to school. I'm not sure where she came up with this terminology (piggytails maybe?) but I just love to hear her call them this instead of Pigtails that I hate to correct it!
Could she be any cuter??!

This was yesterday morning...Tag sporting his new favorite shoes! I love them too!

This morning...He's such a cutie pie!

Have a great day!!!


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