Sunday, September 20, 2009

A cute little flag football player!

Tag had his first football game last weekend. They got to play at Union Tuttle stadium where Union High School plays and it's a beautiful facility. The boys had a great time playing and even though they don't keep score, we won our first game! Here are some pics of our big football player from the first game. :)

No, he didn't get to pick his number...

Coach brought eyeblack for the team! Tag was a little embarrassed at first. ;)


Love him!

1st play of the game. Isn't that a pretty church in the background!

Tag snapping the ball....I love how the 2 boys beside him are looking at this like they've never seen it before! Like they're saying "what in the world are they doing?!" Ha!

Love the smiles on all the kids' faces in this pic....shows they are really having fun!

Our boy in action and looking for a flag to pull!

Good game guys!

Go Jefferson!!

SO glad Nana and Poppy got to be here for 1st game!

Our sweet family!


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