Thursday, September 17, 2009

Birthday and a Surprise Visit

I had what will most likely always be one of my best birthdays ever this year! I was sitting on the couch watching tv on my bday when my dad called to tell me "Happy Birthday". He asked if my presents had arrived and I told him that I didn't know because I hadn't been to the mailbox that day. He told me to open the door to see if they left them outside the door, which I thought a little odd, but went ahead and checked anyway! And there were he and mom!!!! I am still in shock they were able to pull the surprise off! They had flown in, gotten a rental car and driven to the apt. all without my knowing! I felt so special!!! Thanks so much Mom and Dad (and for Tommy for helping them arrange it and for keeping it a secret!)! They came on Wednesday and stayed until Sunday and we had so much fun! They got here before the kids got out of school so we were able to go surprise them. They of course had NO CLUE that Nana and Poppy would be there to pick them up from shcool! I got a cute video that I might try to upload later of the moment they saw them. Tag had the biggest grin and ran straight to them for hugs and Bella acted like it was no surprise to her at all! haha! You never know how kids will react!
For my bday dinner we ate at the Cheesecake Factory! Yummmmmmmy!
Tommy had ordered me this yummy cookie cake (my favorite!) and gotten us some Maggie Moos cheesecake ice cream to go along with it! It was delicious!
The kids enjoyed all the snuggling and lap-sitting they got while Nana and Poppy were here! We hadn't seen my dad since we moved here in June. And he looked wonderful...couldn't tell at all he had had any problems before!

Tag had his first football game while they were here (those pics will be in another post!) and afterwards we went to Krispy Kreme! The Balloon Guy was there and they were doing face painting.

Mom and Dad got me a new sewing machine for my birthday!! I love it so much! Here are Bella and I trying it out!
We also took the kids to Chuck E Cheese's for some fun!

When we were at Wal Mart we saw this Elvis car! All I can say is WOW!! My mom loves Elvis so we had to take pics! ;)
This was on the hood of the car! I understand that people love him, but really? Doing this to your car??

We had the best time while they were here and it was the best surprise! Love you both dearly!!


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