Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bella the Ballerina

Bella had her first dance lesson last Monday! She loved it! I'm not sure if it's what she thought it would be...I think she thought she'd be learning to dance like the ballerinas do on tv instead of simple little dance moves they'll be learning. But she was happy happy and wants to go EVERY DAY to dance! Here are pics of our tiny dancer in her dance clothes! I was in heaven seeing her all dressed and ready to go!

As always, she requested a pic from behind so we could see her hair! She's wanted to wear her hair "like a real ballerina" (in a bun) for sooooo long and was thrilled when she saw it in the mirror. :)

Modelling her ballet shoes
Bell's always on her tippy toes!

She loves her tap shoes!


Practicing her shuffling!

After dance, she was a proud and happy girl!

Her recital will be on May 29th and she is already asking when she gets to wear a's gonna be a long year of dance! ;)

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