Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Made by Mommy with lots of Love...

I finally completed my first sewing project! My poor mom probably wanted to pull her hair out from trying to explain those silly pattern instructions to me over the phone! So a BIG THANK YOU to my sweet Momma for helping me out! I learned lots of lessons this go around and am already looking forward to my next project! And I'll need to come up with something I can make for Tag, as he's asking what I made for him after seeing Bella's little top. It's just harder to come up with things to sew for a 6 yr old boy! Hmmmmmm.....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! ;)

The model definitely makes the outfit looks tons better! :)


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  1. It's beautiful Chrissy! I'm gonna have to get my sewing maching out now, but like you I don't know what to make for a little boy. My mom is an expert in sewing and when I do try to sew I have to call her a lot too. Those patterns don't explain things well for a beginner.