Sunday, November 1, 2009

Union Basketball

Tag had his first basketball game Halloween morning and I found out that I LOVE watching wee basketball! It's so much more exciting than the other sports Tag has played! I was completely impressed with the teams and thought they were pretty much the cutest little guys! I wish you all could have seen the progress the teams made from the beginning of the game to the end...both teams had made so much improvement just during the game! They started to learn at the end to pass the ball if they couldn't shoot and are learning to dribble while running. I have to add too that Tag scored 3 goals!! We have our 2nd game tomorrow at 6 so I'll have more pics and videos then! As soon as we got to the court I got out my camera, turned it on and went to take a pic.....and the battery zapped and went dead. :( So the only thing I have from the game is a cell phone video. It's not the best but you can get an idea. Tag's team is in the yellow jerseys and are on defense in this video. Enjoy the cuteness........


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