Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a fabulous Halloween! Tag dressed up as a ninja and Bella Rose was a beautiful bride. We went to our friends Ryan and April's house for a Halloween dinner and then went trick or treating. April had fixed delicious cheese soup in a bread bowl and baked ziti and lots of yummy treats! She is an awesome cook and baker from what I've seen and we really enjoyed spending this Halloween with her and her cute family!!
Our bride getting ready!

Pretty shoes

Mommy dressed up as a leopard! I LOVED the eyelashes!!!

All the yummy food April fixed!

Bella the bride, Emmet the dragon and Tag the ninja!

Silly girl!

These 2 are quite a pair! ha!

April (Kat Von D) and I!

The kids ready to go!

Trick or treating!

1st house to trick or treat at!

This poor guy had to hold Bell's hand (and sometimes Tag's too!) the whole night! lol

Bella made sure to hold her dress up when she ran...just like a little lady!

The kids found their friend Jesus while out trick or treating!
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!!!


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