Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Basketball!!!

I finall got a little video (it's really short!) of Tag shooting a goal! His team played really well and Tag scored 3 of their goals. The coach was out so the assistant coach (aka Tommy) had to step in and play head coach this game....and he did great!

Giving a little pep talk...with Bella up in the middle of it!

Tag off to the side taking a practice shot.

Like I said...this is a very short video...thankfully I turned my camera on at just the right time!! =) Yay for you, our little Tagaroo!!

I have another video that shows our little bball player in action....but I sort of forgot I was filming and...let's just say you get quite dizzy just watching it. If I can edit it and cut that part out I'll post it later. :)


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