Thursday, October 1, 2009

Taylor Swift Concert

As I mentioned in my last post, Bella and I went to the Taylor Swift concert! We had a blast together and I hope we always will be close and do things like this together. She really is alot of fun to be with. :) I was so excited for her first concert to be Taylor Swift because she just loves her songs so much...sings them with all her heart! And Taylor Swift really seems to be a nice, gracious girl, which makes it even better for all these little girls who are watching her and looking up to her! At one point during the concert the crowd got SO LOUD and Taylor just stood there with her hands on her heart and tears in her eyes (you could see her face clearly on the side screens) and she finally said that she promises she will never forget what that feels like, to stand there with a sold out arena screaming for her. She may say that at all her concert stops, but it's nice to see someone grounded and appreciative. Anyway, I'll just let you look at the pictures! They're much more entertaining than my rambling! ;)

The BOK Center is really beautiful at night....the glass lights up blue. It's a really pretty building.

Gloriana....I didn't know them at all, since I don't listen to much country! But they were good!

Trying to pass the time until it was Taylor's time to come out!

Looking out over the arena...she was in awe of all the people! There was still another level above us too!
Kelly Pickler...I did know her from American Idol!

We LOVED her shoes!

Finally it's Taylor!!!

Bella kept asking why she was swinging her hair like this! ha!

Her hair is gorgeous!

This is when she was standing there with her hands on her heart.


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