Monday, October 5, 2009

The Tooth Fairy paid us a visit last night!!!!

We had begun to wonder if Tag was ever going to lose a tooth! He actually lost one on top a couple years ago by bumping it when playing. (And the permenant tooth is still not showing any signs of coming in in that spot!) But this is his first "official" tooth to lose! It's been wiggly for a couple weeks and he's not wanted to mess with it much. Then a couple days ago I noticed that the new tooth was already coming in behind the loose one. Anyway, last night we worked on it and finally it came out! When we pulled that top tooth out a while back, he got VERY upset with seeing the blood...and I think just the feeling of that root popping (ick!). But this time he was super excited! One of the first things he said was how he couldn't wait to get to school to tell Miss Newburn, his teacher! ;) I wished I would've been videoing him...he raised his fist in the air and said "I finally lost my first tooth!!". Too too cute! Way to go, Tag!!!!

Holding up that tiny baby tooth right after we pulled it!

I tried to get him to reenact some of his excitedness for the =)

This morning before school....showing off that new "gap"!

The tooth next to the one he just lost is also I'm sure the Tooth Fairy will be coming again soon! :) I must say, it gets more and more difficult as the kids get older to answer the questions as to whom the Tooth Fairy (or Santa, Easter Bunny, etc) is and how they get in the house!!


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  1. YAY, Tag! I love that he was so excited to tell his teacher, how adorable! He looks so big with his new gap!