Friday, October 9, 2009

Here are some pictures and videos of our little #12! I tried to take some play by play videos...thinking it would be the next best thing to being here to see him firsthand! Tomorrow is our last game and I expect it to be a COLD and MESSY one!

This pic was taken just before he got that kid's flag! I thought I was videoing but had switched the camera back to take still pics....would've been a great video and I was so upset I missed getting this good view on tape. :(

That's him at Center :)

Here are some short videos of Tag doing what he is SUPPOSED to do!:
This is one of him getting a flag...but the stinkin coach was standing right in front so you can only see him hold it up afterwards. (sorry the videos are showing up so small)
He & another boy almost had the flag in this video below...they did run him out of bounds tho!
And here are some videos of Tag doing what he's NOT supposed to do! ;) :


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