Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bella got her ears pierced!

Bella has been asking for a while to get her ears pierced and I had been waiting to make sure she really wanted to. I had been telling her that it would hurt a little because I wanted her to go in knowing what it was like, and she had watched a couple girls get theirs done at the mall. She still wanted to get hers done. So we finally decided to take her after hearing "...sigh...I wish I had my ears pierced" over and over! I was way more nervous than she was. And I think Tag was pretty worried himself. He wanted to hold her hand during and told her it was ok for her to cry. Sweet big brother! But she did so good! She definitely wanted to cry I think, but she held it together and didn't (something she's very proud of now)! And each time she walks by a mirror, or if her hand brushes over them, she says "I just love my new diamond earrings".

Just before getting them pierced!

Just after....just a few tears welled up

Proud big girl!

Getting some loving from a proud big brother!

Showing off those new "diamonds" =)

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